Thursday, September 14, 2006

12 Points That Show Christianity is True

Kevin has come up with a new syllabus for his "Faith and Reason" class that I think is a pretty good source of topics for us to consider in the discussion.
  1. Truth About Reality Is Knowable
  2. The Opposite Of True Is False
  3. It Is True That The Theistic God Exists
  4. If God Exists Then Miracles Are Possible
  5. Miracles Can Be Used To Confirm A Message From God
  6. The New Testament Is Historically Reliable
  7. The New Testament Says Jesus Claimed To Be God
  8. Jesus' Claim To Be God Was Miraculously Confirmed
  9. Therefore It Is True That Jesus Is God
  10. Whatever Jesus (Who Is God) Teaches Is True
  11. Jesus Taught That The Bible Is The Word Of God
  12. Therefore, It Is True That The Bible Is The Word Of God, And Anything Opposed To It Is False.
Obviously the first point is where our discussion is leading anyway. We've already discussed miracles to a certain extent in our most recent discussion, but the Bible and Jesus are going to be ripe for discussion soon.

Any other suggestions are welcome.


Blogger Zachary Moore said...

I should clarify, I don't mean for us to address all the points in Kevin's syllabus in the next show. I just mean for them to be considered eventually.

9/14/06, 12:35 PM  

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