Wednesday, November 01, 2006


I wanted to share this email I received from a listener:


I've wanted to write to you for some time to express my appreciation for both of your podcasts: Evolution 101 and Apologia. I subscribe to both. I sincerely appreciate the non-emotional forum of exchange in the Apologia podcast. I listen to many humanist podcasts and yours is one of the best in terms of showing respect and consideration for differing views. Apologia is a breath of fresh air and an outstanding podcast.

On another note, I wanted to share with you a link to Wheaton Colleges' Physics website where Old Testament scholar Dr. John Walton discusses the Genesis cosmology and basically says it isn't a science book. His presentation is worth a listen. He speaks of the Genesis creation narrative as providing a functional understanding of how man and specifically the Israelites go there, but argues that Genesis in no way describes a scientific explanation of origins... Dr. Walton has published many works including a commentary on Genesis where he lays out his view.

About me: I graduated with a BA in theology from Moody Bible Institute(MBI) in Chicago, but have since given up on the Christian faith. I am still in the pursuit of truth. While Moody is known for being a part of the fundamentalist movement and Wheaton College is conservative as well(Dr. Walton has taught at both schools), we were never taught in Old Testament classes that Genesis is science. Quite the opposite. I credit MBI with eradicating the fundamentalism out of my system. It is funny though when you read Dawkins new book, The God Delusion, where he says that Moody is the bottom of the barrell and Wheaton isn't much better. It's too bad that moderate Christians get lumped in with radical christians. Anyway, I'm sure you get more tips that you care look at.

Take care,

Kevin Hale

Looks like we're making an impact, guys!